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601 dogs

Business Plan and Summary for 601 Dogs:

Mission: 601 Dogs is a critical not-for-profit organization based in Washington state with the mission of re-purposing and retraining police and working K-9s that were trained to detect cannabis in states where the drug is now legal. With cannabis legalization spreading across the nation, an overwhelming number of K-9s trained to detect the substance are becoming redundant and in need of new roles. 601 Dogs aims to address this pressing issue by pairing these K-9s with trained handlers and help protect schools and hospitals around the nation.


  • Obtaining K-9s from law enforcement agencies and local cities from around the nation

  • Providing a safe and active training environment for the K-9s as they await new orders

  • Finding new jobs in public safety for the K-9s

  • Promoting good working genetics within the USA through a responsible breeding program

  • Building a strong pool of USA-based working dogs

Operations: 601 Dogs will solicit donations of police K-9s that are no longer needed due to changing laws and regulations. The organization will provide training and care for the K-9s while they are being repurposed and retrained for new roles in public safety. 601 Dogs will work closely with law enforcement agencies and local cities to obtain K-9s and will also partner with schools and hospitals to place the trained K-9s in these facilities for protection. This is vital to ensure that the initial investment in these K-9 are not wasted and that they continue to serve the public in a meaningful way.

Marketing and Outreach: 601 Dogs will use its website, social media and direct marketing, as the main platform for communicating with the public, law enforcement agencies, and potential donors. The organization will also use social media and networking events to raise awareness about its mission and services. It is imperative that we reach as many people as possible to ensure the success of our mission.

Financials: 601 Dogs will rely on donations from individuals, businesses, and government agencies to fund its operations. The organization will also seek grants and funding from foundations and other organizations that support animal welfare and public safety. The need for this service is urgent and every dollar counts in ensuring the success of our mission.

Conclusion: 601 Dogs is an organization that is filling a pressing need in the public safety and animal welfare space. By re-purposing and retraining police K-9s that were trained to detect cannabis, 601 Dogs is providing a vital service to schools, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies across the nation. The organization's responsible breeding program also promotes good working genetics within the USA, making sure that there will be a strong pool of USA-based working dogs in the future.

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